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Joyful Chingushi

It takes 5 min from Tokashiki port, and located in a place surrounded by old folk houses. The symbol of our inn is at the entrance. It is a Ryukyu pine native to Okinawa. You can see the sky full of stars from the rooftop of the inn at night. Let's get away from the busy city life and feel the atmosphere of this island's peaceful time.

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Fisherman's dining KANALOA

You will enjoy seafood dishes using Tokashiki island's fresh fish. Our manager and staff are professional fisherman and go to fishing and get fresh fish everyday. The fish catch in the fishing by Kanaloa Tour customers will be cooked and have in our restaurant,if you request. (Extra charge will be charged)

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Tokashiki Island have many best fishing points. In Kanaloa, we offer a tour plan that can be enjoyed widely from small children to adults. As well as those who have experienced fishing, beginners can relax with confidence. Let's enjoy fishing in this blue sea!

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Let's enjoy the sea of Kerama. Not only for beginners but also for small children, all customers wear life jackets. So you can enjoy SNORKELING safely. We will guide you from the port to the point by boat. There you will see beautiful coral reefs and a wide variety of fish. If you are lucky you may be able to meet some turtles.

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This season is coming soon! !
Marine sports this year will be fishing from April, we will be waiting to reserve snorkel at any time! I am sailing everyday! Thank you (◠‿◠)
A new menu will appear soon after Summer Kanaara in the 31st year! !
Details will be introduced so please wait for a while!

GW, summer, reservation as soon as possible!
Please phone us for places that are fully booked via a travel agency!

Ship Information

2019.03.27 (Wed)
updated at 8:00

  • #To change the route depending on the sea conditions. In that case, it takes a longer time than usual.


Time Required: 70 min
Capacity: 450 passenger
  • Tomari Port departure
  • --
  • Tokashiki Port departure
  • --
3,160 jpy/Round trip
  • Tomari Port departure
  • --
  • Tokashiki Port departure
  • --
4,740 jpy/Round trip
7000JPY ∼
5000JPY ∼
6000JPY ∼
60000JPY ∼

Marine Club Kanaloa

We fully support playing in the ocean in nature. Helpful guides accompany you. We offer activities that can be enjoyed with ease and relaxation for children, women, completely inexperienced people and all customers of Kanaloa.
How about trying to make the best memories at Marine Club Kanaloa?

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Kerama islands national park

The Kerama islands were designated as the 31st Japanese National Park on March 5, 2014 (Coral Day), with more than 30 large and small islands and numerous reef island groups. The land area is 3,520 ha, the sea area is 90,475 ha, most of the park is the sea area.

Sea of “Kerama Blue”

There are 10 large and small uninhabited islands such as Maeshima, Kamiyamajima, Naganujima, Kuroshima, Gishibujima and others around Tokashiki Island. This surrounding area boasts a transparency of 50 to 60 meters in depth, and the beauty of the world's best sea is called “Kerama Blue”.

Sea creatures of Kerama

Approximately 60% (about 250 kinds of coral) which are confirmed in Japan, are inhabited by the sea of Kerama. In the winter time humpback whales will come to Kerama from the far Arctic Circle for child rearing. If you are lucky you will see a whale jumping while you are fishing.

Attraction of Tokashiki Island

Aharen Beach is ranked 5th in “Beach I Want to Visit in Life”. From Naha you can use the fast boat “Marine Liner Tokashiki” in 35 minutes. “Ocean opening” in April, “Takashiki Festival” in July and “Whale Straits Tokashiki Marathon Games” in early February.

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We always welcome customers with a gentlemanly attentive attitude that is truly heartwarming.

Representative:Tohru Uchino

Hometown: Saitama Prefecture
Hobbies·Special skill: Appreciation of ghibli. The concept of the Marinen club Kanaloa is “a shop where anyone can easily experience sea plays”.

Yusuke Kawashima

Hometown: Saitama Prefecture
Hobby · Special skill: Surfing
My personality can be friends with anyone. I would like to entertain you with a smile and attentive customer service.

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田崎 亜矢子

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