If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us

Regarding marine sports in general

Q. Is there a shuttle service?

Yes. We will pick you up at the facility where the customer is staying.

Q. I am concerned about seasickness.

If you are worried about seasickness, we recommend you take medicine for prevention of sickness. Lack of sleep and hangover cause seasickness. Please take good care of yourself

Q. What do I do with clothes and belongings?

T-shirts, shorts, sandals etc. OK.
Please wear a swimming suit under your clothes.
For those worried about sunburn, we recommend wearing a rash guard.
Please bring towels.

About Accommodation

Q. Is there a shuttle from Tokashiki Port?

This inn is located about 5 minutes takes from Tokashiki Port. Basically coming directly but please consult us if you need pick up.

Q. Is payment only cash?

Currently, only cash will be handled.

Q. Is there a shuttle service from the inn to the beach?

Transfer is not possible during the peak season. Please use car rental etc by yourself.

Q. How far is it to the beach?

15 minutes to Aharen beach by car, 10 minutes to Tokashiku beach