About Tokashiki islands

The largest island in the Kerama islands national park

Attraction of Tokashiki Island

Tokashiki Island is one of The Kerama islands were designated as the 31st Japanese National Park on March 5, 2014 (Coral Day).Aharen Beach is ranked 5th in “Beach I Want to Visit in Life”. From Naha you can use the fast boat “Marine Liner Tokashiki” in 35 minutes. “Ocean opening” in April, “Takashiki Festival” in July and “Whale Straits Tokashiki Marathon Games” in early February.And iIn the winter time humpback whales will come to Kerama for child rearing. You can enjoy it throughout the year like this.


Speaking of animals in Tokashiki is a goat. You can see goats along the roads here and there. The logo of Marine Club Kanaloa was also a goat after that. The encounter rate of wild goats is high. You can also see goats when you are fishing by boat. If you catch goats you get prizes or not go out .... It is said that there is a good thing in discovering goats of cow pattern in old traditional legends. In rare cases I encounter Kerama deer. In Tokashiki you may eat goat soup and goat sashimi etc. The manager is a favorite goat. Have you ever eaten goats?


  • There is only one signal in Tokashiki Island near the harbor. It was made as part of educating traffic rules for children.
  • The reason why the uninhabited Hanale island is called Shibagaki-Tai island is because that shibagaki-Tai used it in the dissolution event. On the shibagaki-Tai island a bronze statue taken from them Shibigaki-Tai was placed, but now is lost. I will show you when the guests on the tour vist to Hanaleh Island.
  • The villagers population is about 700 people. There are two elementary schools. There are schools on the island only up to junior high school. When the students graduate from junior high school, they leave their parents house and they will go on to school in Okinawa main island. Many children are honest and healthy because the island's children are growing up in rich nature. In the island-specific environment, most of the islanders are acquainted.
    In the summer season you can see lots of shooting stars as you go to the beach. Please be careful of the Hubu- snake
  • If you want to see the beautiful ocean, the view from the Aharen observation deck is recommended.